All gas cylinders supplied by the Pakistan Oxygen fully comply with Government requirements.


Pakistan Oxygen will not be held responsible, if any of the products sold by Pakistan Oxygen is inappropriately used in a process/activity for which it is not recommended.


Prices quoted are inclusive of delivery charges applicable for the supply of products at Customers site.


Pakistan Oxygen warrants the safety of cylinders supplied.

The liability of Pakistan Oxygen shall be limited injury of persons or damage to property arising from any cylinder fitted by the Pakistan Oxygen which is proved to be faulty within three months immediately following the date of supply, where such fault has been directly caused by the negligence or default of the Pakistan Oxygen.

The liability of Pakistan Oxygen under this clause 4, shall be limited to the purchase price of the concerned cylinder paid by the Customer to Pakistan Oxygen.

In no circumstances will the Pakistan Oxygen accept responsibility of injury or damage suffered where gas is used out of cylinder or other containers which has not been filled by or with the authority of the Pakistan Oxygen, or where the cylinder is used for s purpose not advised or recommended by Pakistan Oxygen.

Pakistan Oxygen shall not be liable for indirect or consequential loss or damage (including but not limited to, loss of revenue, loss of production, loss of profit, loss of customers, loss of contracts, and loss of custom, goodwill or reputation).


Any complaint relating to product must be lodged with Pakistan Oxygen officially within 5 days of the product delivery / invoice date otherwise Pakistan Oxygen shall have no liability in connection with such complaint. In case of any concerns, please contact the responsible personnel immediately for resolution.


Cautions to be observed in the handling and use of cylinders appear in brief on labels attached to cylinders. The following cautions must be strictly observed by the Customers.

The Customer is solely responsible to bring these cautions to the attention of all persons using or handling cylinders on behalf of Customer, and provide any protections to ensure against injury/damage.

Oil or grease of any kind must not be used for lubricating cylinder valves, gauges, regulators or other fittings end white lead or paint must not be used fittings them.

The following are the distinctive colors with which cylinders for various gases painted. These colors are in accordance with the Cylinder Rules and must not be altered.

Oxygen (Medical) - Black with white shoulder Dissolved Acetylene - Maroon
Nitrous Oxide - Azure Blue Argon - Peacock Blue
Carbon Dioxide (Medical) - French Gray Carbon Dioxide - Black
Helium = Brown Nitrogen – French Gray with black shoulder
Hydrogen – Signal Red Industrial Oxygen - Black

Cylinder containing combustible gases i.e. Dissolved Acetylene are fitted with left hand screwed connections.

  1. All other cylinders are fitted light hand screwed connections.
  2. It is dangerous practice to alter valve or to use adaptor. Pakistan Oxygen Shall not be responsible for the consequences of such practice or practices.
  3. Cylinders should not be subjected to any violent usage and special care should be taken to avoid damage during transfer when loading and unloading.
  4. Cylinders must not be exposed to fire or excessive high temperature as spindle acetylene cylinders should be stored in an upright position.
  5. It is essential that all threads of cylinder valves and seating should be kept free from dirt and foreign matters to enable gas tight joint to be made.
  6. When putting a cylinder into use the valve should never be opened suddenly.
  7. The Valve of every cylinder should be tightly closed Immediately after use and should be letting a closed condition.
  8. Never test with a flame for leakage. Always use water when testing valve sockets for leakage. should a leakage be found round a spindle when the valve is open, Screw down the hexagon gland nut.
  9. Never use any compressed gas for any purpose other than that for which It is supplied. Oxygen must not be used in place of compressed air for any purposes.
  10. With respect to hardgoods products, the customer:
    1. Ensures, he has read and will adhere to all manufacturer’s instructions. See Materials Safety Data Sheets details at www.Pakoxygen.com website.
    2. Warrants that it will not re-sell or export to the USA.